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I just bought a 2002 bmw 330ci and its super sexy. Only problem is that the car was broken into and had its driver side window smashed. The previous owner had the window replaced. Heres the problem. The window seems to be "too big" and does not fit comfortably with the body of the car. The window sticks out a bit and its really annoying me. Also since it is a coupe, the window should go down and up when the doors are opened and closed and it now does not. The passenger side does this motion but the driver side doesn't. I called the previous owner and he said there may be something wrong with the window switch? :banghead:

I checked out a mercedes coupe and it had a button which did this regulating (up and down motion) by the door so when the door closes it does the motion when it is pushed in.

Is this the same with the 330ci?

What should i buy to replace the broken piece and how much will it cost??

Thanks alot for answering!!

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