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BMW 325 Owners...

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Do you ever wish you'd bought the 330 instead?:cry:
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nice thread, cause the budget my dad gives me for my next car is around 35k, not enuf for a 330, i think he wants me to get a 325
it's true that 325 is kinda weak.....
some fukers gotta calm down

ok, u call me a "camry boy" when i said that was my mom's car, i also drive my dad's X5 4.4 but since i don't drive it that often, i don't name it as my main car, and no, i'm not even 16, and u expect me to buy a fuking car? look at how old u r motherfuker, call me a fuking camry boy, get it straight bich, 2 years later, imma get my 330 and rape ur a$$ (sorry about the cuss words in this thread, but some poor fuker just pisses me off) :cry:
look at how old u r right now, prob like 20 to 30 something and got ur first bimmer and wouldn't take any negative comments about a 325, lame pos, i bet when u were at my age which is about 15 and half, u r prob still reading those go-cart magazines,
i've driven my cuz E36 325ci and we both thought it wasn't as fast so we traded in after 2 months, and got a E46 328. and now he's got a M3. yea "burn ur camry ass", i'll take my cuz M3 and see who burns who bich a$$ (i made the comment about 325, cause i've driven it for about a week and it wasn't as surprising, it was stick too), yea, now go back to work and earn some money for ur 325 in case if u don't have money to pay for gas
uhh.... i didn't lie about any part of my posts, and i don't think "camry boy" was a non-bashing nickname, and now u talk about my age, when did u start driving? did u know how to drive a stick when u were 15? or can u even tell the difference between the brake and the gas pedal?! don't even start diggin on my age man, it's not like u were as good as i am when u were at my age, and prob ur still not as good as i am. i've made it clear, i've driven a 325, and i know how it is, it's a stable ride, but this thread is asking us if u ever regret buying a 325 instead of a 330. uhh and now u say that i can't take someone's opinion, i wonder if u'll even care this thread if u drive a 330
haha suck my **** nigro guy, i don't give a fukk about what ur relatives drive, and ok, i learned how to drive a stick when i was 15, and ur 14 o wow, what a liar, i mean what a cool guy, again suck my ****
yea, and u can see that i'm not the one who started to bash ppl
1 - 7 of 118 Posts
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