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BMW 325 Owners...

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Do you ever wish you'd bought the 330 instead?:cry:
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I used to drive a 01 325i which is now my sisters and now my current 330ci. If youre gonna keep the same transmission, i personally don't think it's worth it. The power difference isn't that surprising.
Re: still world class leaders

Double Vanos said:
Remember it is easier and lazier to just stick a turbo on an engine and put it in a car than researching and coming up with new world leading technological advances, that's why our engines are world leaders.
It is not easy or lazy to put in a turbocharger. There is so much crap to turbo tuning that most manufacturers and average tuners avoid it altogether. As for power, there is no easier, cheaper way than turbo. Im fine with my E46 not being top dog out there but i give respect where it is due.
Re: Turbo charging is still lazy and easy

Double Vanos said:
True I give credit where credit is due but the only turbo charged car that i have respect for is the porsche turbo and gt2.
I don't see how you respect the Porsche engines but don't the AMG ones. If you're talking about straight power, AMG makes more than Porsche or BMW, especially in the torque department (AMG is mostly supercharged by the way).

Pure NA technology is what everyone wants but it takes a lot of money to get there. But that doesn't mean you can't find quality engineering in cheaper cars (take S2000's engine for example). Turbocharging is an efficient way of making more power that doesn't involve old technology.
Double Vanos said:
You are correct F-daddy, i would never trade german engineering for japanese engineering. The germans make the best cars in the world hands down!
I agree BMW is the best combination of everything out there, thats why i got one, but they are not the best cars out there in every category, especially in quality control.

If you don't like japanese cars, thats your preference, but to all-out claim german engineering and performance superiority is ignorant. Honda makes a 2.0L engine that puts out more hp than our 3.0L, hows that for engineering. How come i can turbo a toyota inline 6 3.0L 2JZ-GE to hell over 600 hp and i can't do the same for our 3.0L engines?
Of course i want a high-performance, high-power NA engine, like BMW's V12 they put in the McLaren F1 over 7 years ago. Even though Viper's V-10 is pretty old tech, id still want that too. But like many others, i just don't have that kinda cash.

Engineering purity at that level costs insane amounts of money, but thats not to say that quality engineering isn't available for us mass folk.

I respect power and performance and theres a lot different ways of getting there. Getting a turbo 2.0 L engine to produce 400 hp is quality engineering, although it may not be as beautiful as NA design and power. Turbo tech is getting better these days and there is plenty of room for improvement.

I have pride in BMW because they perform better than similar cars with similar power, efficient engineering. But the fact is that power is going up at incredible levels, and BMW's engines also need improvements to keep up. BMW is hitting NA power limits with its I-6 size and design (M3 engine) and there is plenty of comparable engine technology out there (i-vtec, vvt-i). I hope BMWs new engines surpass the competition by far, but there's no denying that turbo is the way to go for cheap power. If i had the money, of course id go all NA.
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Faheem Daddy said:

It doesn't matter to me at all how much horsepower a car-maker can get out of a small engine, that's not the issue. When I say "engineering," I'm not solely referring to engine sizes and horsepower ratings, I use the term "engineering" as a reference to how the car was built as a whole.
Our definitions of engineering were pretty different then, i was talking more about engine technology. Your sense of engineering depends more on total resources available, while mine is more of what a car company can do with its resources. This way, engineering can be compared among companies. Otherwise, theres no way of comparing cars of different costs. Of course BMW beats them in this sense, their cars cost so much more money! Its not really that hard or engineering based to pick better materials and finishing techniques. Im comparing how well say honda gets power out of a 2.0L and how much power BMW gets out of its engines, given their respective differences. BMW overall engineering does have its flaws (why does my 325i have so much wind buffeting?) that japanese cars beat (even my 91 camry does not have such a strange aerodynamic flaw).
Double Vanos said:
But find a japanese engine that is not turbo charged the same size of an M5's engine and that can put out more horsepower and torque. I have no credit that one exist. As for the honda S2000 yes it has more horsepower than a 330ci but torque is extremly low and despite more horsepower a 330ci can smoke it without breaking a sweat.:yikes:
I bet japanese can make a 400 hp NA engine, but they just don't spend that much money on it. I respect and love power, don't get me wrong, but it comes in different forms (especially due to money).
Double Vanos said:
Your are right the inline sixes are reaching their power limits and during times like these were car companies have a horsepower war erupting like the cold war, sometimes i wondering if someday bmw's inline 6 will be turbo charged. And that scares me if though they claim they do not believe in turbo charging but when compeition starts taking away profits sometimes there is no other choice but to join them. And then I ask myself will i buy a turbo charged bimmer, dam diffcult decision.
It really is hard to switch among engine configurations for some people. It was for me when i was younger too (i was all turbo) but now i respect all power, from american big blocks to euro V-12s. Performance is one big uniting family. :D

And i did get a BMW, obviously i must like it right? :) I just think its cooler when BMW guys respect other cars (rather than many other crowds who think their civics or chevys are the shiznit).
Faheem Daddy said:

Yeah, but I hate the b*tches who will pursue me because of my car.
I love their reactions though, "Oh this is YOUR car?" and they get all nicer :lmao: Gold-diggers can't hide from a BMW.

BMW is definitely the pimpest and most complete. :thumbup:
flagman5 said:

where are these gold diggers?:tongue:
Every girl got a little bit of gold digger in em, so everywhere! Sometimes when im at college, i offer rides to girls and theyre always like "Ohhhh, thats yours?" Not that my 330, especially being stock, is pimp at all, its just people respond to the "BMW." :lmao:

I'm sure if you meet a girl at a club and walk out after, the effect would be more noticeable. :eeps:
tknmn said:

What is so wrong with being 30 and only now getting into a bimmer?

Sorry...but its just a damn car...a nice car...but still a car! Enjoy and appreciate what you got and just grow up!!!
That's the way it should be done, i'm not proud of the fact that my parents have been buying my cars. Someday i even hope to buy them a S500 or BMW 7 just because i want to. I'm glad i got my car even though its stock and so far, ive been fending off the mod bug. :D
flagman5 said:

dude it must be a socal thing cuz first off, i am in ann arbor..so its a college town, and i think i tried offering a stranger a ride cuz she took the wrong bus but she said no anyway...and why would u take a ride with a stranger? maybe things are just diff out there in the wild wild west...
Haha, no not strangers, just aquaintances or friends and their friends. Asking a complete stranger would be kinda weird, not to mention unsuccessful.
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