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Hi all. My E46 came with CD prewiring harness, but not telephone. After inquiry with Ted, I was provided with wiring info and decided to build my own harness to integrate telephonics, a feature that made the Bluebus worthwhile, in my mind. Essentially, I built an extension to the connector to the radio, with connections plugging into it. This is what the harness looks like when completed.
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You can see the radio plug in, the extension to connect to the existing harness, the small X13321 10 pin connector at the bottom with audio sound and telephone sound input, the wiring from Bluebus to the microphone, and the power supply with I-bus signal.

Routing of wiring went from radio to the glove compartment, where the Bluebus lives now, with the microphone wiring routing up under the A pillar cover and headliner to where the microphone resides up top
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  1. radio connectors with pins--from AlliExpress. A mistake: should have used a BMW plug from the junkyard
  2. extension wiring: 20AWG silicone wiring: would use harder plastic ones instead
  3. Beldon shield cable for telephone audio and microphone (Beldon 9501) 9501 060100 Belden Inc. | Cables, Wires | DigiKey
  4. audio cable (CD audio output and input to radio with X13321 from junkyard. 2 version exist: shielded and unshield. I used the shielded one, then when I found out about the audio problem, i switched to the unshielded one. No change in the sound unfortunately!
  5. power and I-Bus plug from the junkyard 1-1718346-1 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey
  6. 6 pin plug for the telephone audio and microphone 87977-1 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey
  7. microphone: could not find one in the junkyard, but on ebay. there are various models, I bought this part that came with the connector. RealOEM.com - Part Search
I plan to share in more detail on the build and the routing, but do comment and ask questions. I am happy to answer.

And since this post is getting long, I will post separately on a sound problem. The build was a success, but the BT sound sucks.

Happy Bluebus-ing.
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