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Bleeding brakes : should I depress the pedal when using power bleeder ?

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The bentley service manual seem to be advising to use a power bleeder AND depress the brake pedal 5 times (p.691).

ECS tuning tutorial
The above tutorial however advises against depressing the pedal and using the power bleeder as a substitute. They say depressing the brake pedal could damage a used master cylinder due to the piston reaching further in the cylinder and accumulated debris that could be there.

Any opinions ? What is best and why :tsk::hmm: ?

Thanks ,
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I have done both (not together) - but now use a power bleeder. If you plan to use the pedal method - put a piece of 2X4 flat under the brake pedal. You don't want to press it to the floor - to avoid damaging the MC. The power bleeder should do everything you need.
I use the motive bleeder. I don't understand why you would pump the brakes when using one.
Home made power bleeder here. Never have to pump the pedal
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