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First post for me. Great forum you have here with great information that has helped me maintain my 02 325xi for the past 3 years.

Ashamed to admit it, but glad it wasn't worse, I had the car fall off the front jack point under the engine while lowering the car back down off of jack stands after doing a coolant flush last week.

Stupid me, I removed the jack pad from my jack because I didn't want it to crack the underbody paneling because of the barbs on the outer circumference of the pad when I jacked it up. I didn't have the front most panel installed when I was lowering it back down because I still wanted to check for leaks and I should have put the jack pad back on.

Anyway, after I removed the jack stands, I started to lower the car when the jack slipped forward off the small pad under the engine crank. It turns out that cars are heavy...The jack stayed upright as the car came down. Jack hit the outer pulley on the harmonic damper, broke two fan blades and air shroud and pushed into the radiator and condenser. Like I said, things can be fixed. Glad no one got hurt.

Fast forward to this week. Ordered in all new parts to put in the front end (radiator, condenser, hoses, belts) Got it all back together last night, filled it up with coolant. No leaks. Took it for a drive and it was like nothing ever happened.

My only concern is the front crank pulley/harmonic damper. As the car came down it grazed the outer lip of the pulley (evident by a bent outer groove on the pulley). I used a dremel and file to re-contour the pulley as it didn't seem too badly damage.

However, when I started the car last night and inspected everything, I notice a pretty good side-to-side wobble in the harmonic damper. This oscillation is evident in both the A/C and serpentine belt sections. But I can't feel the vibration in the car at all.

My question is, do these harmonic dampers have a tendency to wobble in the first place? I never paid any attention to it before and wonder if it is just coincidence. Or, did the jack contacting the damper bend the damper and/or crankshaft stub. And if it did, is there anything I can do about it or will it hurt the engine overtime.

I kind of freaked out about this so I appreciate any guidance. Thanks in advance.

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