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Hi all,

I recently bought an Umnitza BiXenon Retrofit Kit with the following:

-HID Bixenon ProjectorH1 Mini V7.0 BOSCH Standard
-35W H1 Bulbs (6000k)
-E46 R Shrouds
-35w/50w CANbus Ballasts (error free)
-Wiring / relay harness (included I believe)

A few questions about installation:

Maybe this is a dumb question, but do I need to disconnect the battery before I start? Most youtube videos it seems like no one does this.

Also, the umnitza rep told me I could wire everything right into the high beam, and the bi-xenon functionality should work. Has anyone had success with this?

Any links to an install for this kit specifically would be awesome too.

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Same question, do I need to disconnect the battery before removing headlight connections on xenon headlight?
It's good practice to always disconnect the battery before working on anything electrical. That said, I've never done it before headlight removal.
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