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best place to buy a BMW in so cal

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in your guys opinion which dealership is the best place to purchase a new or used BMW from in the southern california area? In terms of price and good people and being able to make a deal. I mean where do you think that I can get the best price on a new BMW?
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well i dunno which dealership would be the best, but i know that ASSAEL BMW has to be among one of the worst .... one guy there (i don't wanna name names) pretty much sat there and did nothing, and I mean nothing. He didn't anwer any of my questions (and they were some pretty simple questions). He sat there looking like he didn't want my business, so i granted his wish, I got up and left his dumb ass. :behead:
you did the right thing...i went into ASSAEL with the mentality that I can come out with a 330i with Premium Package for 38K (my friend told me his brother got it for that price), but the guy didn't even bother answering my questions.

But what did I expect, the name says it all (say ASSAEL really fast).

bottom line, BMW should have a screening and training program for their authorized dealers. Cuz it's such a shame that so many A$$HOLES get the preveliege to sell such high-end automobiles.

suhster85 said:
well despite what you guys said, i went by assael to check it out, cause it cant hurt, besides it is right by one of my friends houses. The guy that I talked to, some guy named douglas was pretty nice, he only had one 330Ci in manual on the lot and let me test drive it and it felt pretty nice. Although this one didnt have everything that I wanted, he said that he could either modify the one I drove or a few more that are coming in soon to the way that I like, put the 17" M wheels back on, that the moonroof out, paint it black instead of silver, and If i wanted I can also put the leatherette in, instead of the leather that was in there to save costs, and he said that he could modify all for me without any charge or anything. He also ended the meeting by saying that "if price is what im looking for, then dont worry about it, I can always knock off another 500-1000 if thats what it'll take you to get into this car". Seriously one of the nicest guys ive met. But all of you say that Assael is bad. Also, would it be worse to have the dealer just modify it like he said, I dont quite know what this means, or order one the way that I want it? But he said that he can always modify it to the way that I want the car, and he originally quoted the same price as on the BMW website, but then after that he also said that he can take more money off if taht is what itll take to get me into the car.
Yea what a swell guy, he didn't even bother telling u that he could order one for you to the specs of your liking. He just wanted to sell u a car that's prob been sitting on the lot for the longest time instead of looking out for your best interest. BTW, as far as I know, if u paint over the existing paint (and i;ve never heard any car dealer do this) it only makes the car heavier. If he was gonna add on all this stuff for u and still take 500-1000 off why didnt u take it??
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