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I just got mine, and i'm looking for the best place to install the v1 and put the remote display. I know a lot of people put it to the left of the rearview but i think i might leave it to the right just in case i do get pulled over i kind of want to minimize the chances of the cops spotting it.

I was looking for pics of cools installs.
I don't think i'm gonna go as far as doing the remote display in the instrument cluster or the rearview mirror install (i like my autodimming mirror :) )

right now my choice is probably to mount it to the Right of hte Rearview and run the wire over the drivers side a-pillar and put the small display there. I think i saw someone of bimmerfest have that setup and it seemed pretty cool. I think the thick a-pillar also cover the remote display pretty well, so standing outside the drivers window you can't see it at all.
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