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Best iPod/Nav/BT/Sat Radio Solution? ['04 330i]

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Hi all,

I have a 2004 300i, ZHP and ZCW packages and would like to upgrade the stereo a bit. I have the "factory" iPod cable in the dash, but it doesn't seem to work; will only charge the iPod, not play through the HU. Also have the HK speakers.

Anyway, I'd like to find a replacement 2-DIN radio that has navigation, iPod, bluetooth and XM/Sirrius on it. Would be great if the steeling wheel controls worked too.

I have an older Pioneer AVIC Z2 with all of the above adapters, it came out of my old 05 Subaru STi...is there a way to fit this into the car? From first glance, it looks like I would need to re-locate some of the HVAC controls, possibly to the empty pocket below? I wouldn't mind using this same system, but also can buy a new receiver system if something works better.

I'm sure I'm not the first guy with an 04 330i that's wanted to do this - looking for any suggestions on getting this done.

Thanks! :woot:

EDIT: Forgot to say I'm fairly experienced in custom audio installs and don't mind doing this myself. But if there's local shop in the Northern San Diego area that would be able to do this, I might save myself the headaches. :D
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Thanks for the pic and vids. I do like how OEM it looks. How's the GPS stack up against Pioneer and the like? What about XM and iPod interfaces? I see you can plug an iPod into the A/V inputs, but if it doesn't have an on-screen interface, that would be a big ding.

Does Dynavin have a vendor account setup here? Any ball park on the price for everything?
IMHO it's the Nav section where the Dynavin really shines.

The rest of it is great, some parts better than others, but the Nav is peerless.
Basically you have a Windows CE environment, which can run anything Win CE does, which basically means, Nav wise, TomTom, NDrive, Navigon, Primo, iGo 8.3, Destinator, etc.

I myself have several Nav programs installed, and pick whichever I fancy.
Most of the time this means Primo, but I also use TomTom and occasionally iGo 8.3.

I genuinely can't think of a better Nav solution.:thumbup:
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