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Thanks for the pic and vids. I do like how OEM it looks. How's the GPS stack up against Pioneer and the like? What about XM and iPod interfaces? I see you can plug an iPod into the A/V inputs, but if it doesn't have an on-screen interface, that would be a big ding.

Does Dynavin have a vendor account setup here? Any ball park on the price for everything?
Here's the main reason you would buy a Dynavin:

- You don't want to cut your HVAC ducts
- Plug and play
- DVD Player, NAV, Bluetooth Integration, iPod Integration

Here are reasons not to buy the Dynavin:

- No built-in XM integration
- You want the "best" AV/ICE setup and you don't care about modifying your car.

The iPod does have an on-screen interface, but I don't like it. It needs a scroll wheel or a "rolodex" style interface to be useful. This is one case where an iDrive wheel would actually be useful for scrolling through Artists, Albums, or Playlists. For this reason, I typically leave my stereo on "Bluetooth" mode and stream music from my iPhone over A2DP. This way I can use the iPhone interface or I can play music without taking my phone out of my pocket.

Regarding XM, instead of using an XM receiver connected to the AUX input, you could also stream XM from a smartphone using Bluetooth. Sometimes I listen to Pandora or Last.fm through my iPhone.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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