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silber325 said:
Hi Y'all,

So here's the deal, I need to change tires for my 19" rims and I had some quotes from different tire dealers....the tires and prices are as follows:

sized 235/35/19

Hankook Ventus K104 @ $149 each + shipping = $666.00

Toyo Proxes 4 @ $168 each + shipping = $768.00

Nitto NT55 @ $177 (free shipping) = $708

I'm trying to consider the Hankooks since it is very cheap...I'm not a hard driver and don't race either...so what do you think is the best bang for the buck..also with a good sidewall to protect my rims..

Anyone..please feed me with some insights?? Thanks so much for your help!!
Go to tirerack.com and type in the size of the tires you are checking on. Then click on max perf. and ultimate performance and it will list all of them along with their reviews and where they rank.
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