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Benfer CAI Finally installed

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I got my Benfer CAI this weekend and installed it last night.
I have to say that it took me about 4 hours to get it right. The CAI didnt come with instructions so I pulled the DIY from Bimmervibe. The problem was that I The DIY is for a car that doesnt have xenons, so it didnt have anything on their way. After I pm Steve Benfer, he emailed me the xenon instructions right the way. Taking off the box and the headlight aint difficult at all. The problem comes when putting the filter under and behind the bumper, there isnt much space to work with. The fog light was in the way and pretty much made it imposible to move the filter once it was "in place." Also the braket was hard to make it sit right on the car, I had to take out the cai four times to get it right. After I got everything set, it was a little hard to put the headlight back, because everything was so tight there. I was scared of putting too much presure on things and start breaking things. As far as the bracket for the factory xenons, it was alright, it sit right , put it was a pain in the a$$ to get it adjusted.
Performance wise after 4 hours of installation, it was more from what I expected. I have intakes on my suv and I had 2 more on my older imports, and this one made the most difference.
If I was to make the choice again between Benfer, Dinan and GrouppeM, I would choose the Benfer again. I think that GrouppeM is too expensive for the same kind of result. And Dinan and Benfer are pretty much the same thing, I would off had the same results on instalation with Dinan too. For the Price and Performance I would choose Benfer again.
Steve I hope the installation comments could serve and positive critizism to improve the product.
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Cali, glad you finally got it in... sorry my DIY wasn't for coupe or with Xenon. But look on the bright side you learn more about your ride and was able to do it yourself saving more $$$ for other mods.

Well enjoy your new mod and performance :D
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