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Hi !

I've been working on a BDM Tool to erase/dump/flash our MSS54/HPs DME for the last 2-3 months. I already made a post on M3Cutters because there's more EU guys there.

I mainly did this to convert my own car to CSL Spec to fit a Carbon Airbox without having to deal with Alpha-N. There's a lot of ressources (some come from, RIP) and
I'm planning to release some "Ready to flash" binaries with different options like "Cruise control enabled" or "Cruise Control + Stock M3 Cams" or ".... + 4.1 Final ratio" etc .... You would only need to enter your VIN in the file (I made a simple software to do this) plug BDM and write binary file.

The aim is to provide a very simple way to convert any DME to CSL Spec (32500, not a 32300) with just a few clicks (and 2 connectors to solder on your DME or you can use a spring loaded connector.)

Currently for sale, but I don't exclude to release it free & open source later (not this year as I've spent a lot of time working on this to get it working perfect and fried a DME in the process, metal pliers fell on the DME while powered on ... :cry:) BDM as been tested and confirmed 100% working by me and a German customer.

There's no licence whatsoever, no problem if you want to buy one to convert 1,2,3,... 5000 DME.

I'll be writing a step by step guide with photos to make it even easier.

I would be happy to answer your questions !
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