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BBS Question.

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My Dad calls me up today and says a friend of his son is selling his BMW rims. At first I was like... O that’s nice. Then tonight he showed me this paper that he wrote down what his friend said.

19" BBS 245/35/19 NOW I WAS LIKE :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: !!!!! My Dad is going to call him tomorrow and try and get more info but I can't sleep without knowing what these are.

I don't know what type of BMW. I am hopping its a e46. And not an M3. And I don't know what BBS Rims these are. Anyone have any ideas what rims BBS makes in that Size?

Also. All the rims for any e46 non M3 are universal right? What about e36 and other models? What will fit on a 323i?

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All the wheels from an E36 and E46 are interchangable. From the looks of the tire size, it is off a E39 5-series which will not fit your car. Your car can not take that tire size unless you are a M3 or 5-series. They should either be CH or LM.
A friend of your dad's son? Wouldn't that be you?:eeps: :eeps:
ininfinitum said:
A friend of your dad's son? Wouldn't that be you?:eeps: :eeps:
No. I guess I didn't clarify that very well. It’s the son of a friend of my Dads. Sorry the best I can do. I don’t really know who they are.
I have been searching the forum and I have found quite a few people saying they have used a 245/35/19 in the rear on a e46 sedan. I just don't know if its a 19X8.5 or a 19X9.5. Or do I??? I know nothing about wheels and don't really know what I am looking at.

Would it be common for the fronts to be the same as the rear? Or might the fronts be different? Also point out this is a Sedan Not lowered if that means anything.
I don't know. I showed my Dad the pics of both the CH and LM and he said it not either of those. So Maybe they aren’t 19s or something. Or he wrote the numbers down wrong.

He said they looked most like the RK II and I don't think they make that in a 19"

I do not recal any other wheel other than the CH or the LS that they make in the 19... the size you listed could easily come off an M3 as that is a common size we run on that car
But I thought you could put M3 rims on an e46 Sedan if you got spacers or something?? Or what’s that fender rolling I keep hearing about?

Yes you can use them, but not in as wide a tire... i believe that it is a suspension issue... the rolling is where you have a shop "roll" or tuck the edge of the fender (feel inside the wheel well and you will feel a sharp edge) up and out of the way so that if you come down on the tire it doen not "shave" a nice chunk out of the sidewall or tread.
Does anyone make BBS knock offs? Specifically the RC's?

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