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Quick DIY if you want to modify your OEM ZCP caps to run the BBS logo. Will this work on ZCP replicas? If its the same size as the OEM wheels, ie your OEM caps fit, then yea.

This DIY isn't hard at all, its quite simple. I was leery about spending $80 on caps + maybe ruining $40 OEM caps. It worked out fine. I am posting this mainly to show you how it turns out. I bought black bbs caps with silver letters. BBS PN 09.24.494. Advantage in getting the BBS cap over an ebay sticker is that the cap is a metal disk, akin to your OEM caps. Black and silver caps looks fantastic on my black car.

Need: set of OEM caps, set of BBS caps, SOS pad, contact cement
NOTE: Be careful working with the razor, and leave the plastic protective film on the cap till you're done.

1) With the 70mm caps in your hand, Dremel off outer ABS plastic lip being careful you can to not take off metal. You don't need to take all the plastic off all the way to the metal disk. Looks rough, have faith!

2) With a sharp razor and the blade extended 1/4", cut only the outer edge of the disk free.

3) While rotating the cap, extend the blade and work the razor farther under the disk. There is a rubbery adhesive that binds the metal to the ABS cap, do not pry or it will bend the thin metal disk.

4) Free the disk and test fit it. As you can see it fits with a 2mm gap around the hub opening and perfectly overlays the OEM disk.

5) Disassemble the OEM caps, toss the ring (only on old style caps) clean, and scratch the surface. A green SOS pad works well with some detergent.

6) Once rinsed well and dried, apply the contact cement to both the cap and the disk, let them sit 10 mins

7) As the cement instantly bonds, carefully mate the cap and disk.

That's it. The cap and disk is unfinished looking with the cap out, but you cant tell its a modified cap once in the wheel. Good enough.

NOTE: the clear plastic covering is still on the cap, thats why it looks like S in step 4. See the pic at the top of the page. Its really clean installed.
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