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I can guarantee you that I will be corrected quickly if I'm wrong, but I don't think you need to rewire the whole car. You'll just have to splice wires for each speaker. I think more of an issue is that the speakers won't be exact fit for the existing holes. The Bavsound will fit perfectly into where the existing speakers are, but you will need to modify (meaning cut) door panels, etc if you use other speakers that are not an exact fit. If your son is an audiophile, Bavsound may not cut it. But if you just want an upgrade from +/- 20 year old speakers, they should be good. I'm probably going to get Bavsound myself, but A) I'm not young and I don't have the patience to be messing around with cutting and B) my car is a convertible, so perfect sound would be pretty elusive anyway.

Amps and subs are beyond me. Maybe someone else can help with that.
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