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Hi All,

I have spent a couple of hours searching around to find a definitive answer to this and failed.

My electrics are going weird, I checked this forum, got some info, checked my battery voltage and it doesn't seem too bad but I figured I would try replacing the battery anyway as it's a few years old. I have a Bosch 53Ah at the moment but I would like to upgrade to something with more Ah.

Sometimes we run an electric cooler/fridge whilst we're camping and there's always a couple of phones or iPods charging etc. so the battery gets some hammer when the engine isn't running. With this in mind I figured I would try and pry something bigger into my 2000 e46 Touring but I cannot find the maximum physical dimensions for the battery stated anywhere. I have measured the battery compartment but I would just like to be sure that I haven't overlooked anything before I order a battery.

I guess there aren't any issues electrically with fitting a higher Ah battery, it just holds more juice right?? The handbook specifies a 55Ah but can I damage the car by upping this?

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