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I have a battery problem: Engine start doesn't succeed after some days staying around. One further day and electronic is dead completely.

Measuring Ampere on pattery and pulling fuses shows following:

Energy consumption doesn't fall below 0.26A even after some hours when car is locked - until I pull fuse 41 (Radio/Navigation). Without fuse 41 consumption is 0.01A which should be ok.

If I pull out the amplifiers' cable, amperemeter shows 0.01A.
Part 1:

If I reconnect the amplifier and disconnect the little rear subwoofer, ampflifier amperemeter decreases from 0.26A to 0.13A:
Part 2:

Does anyone have an idea what's wrong? Should a 70Ah battery survive 0.26A power consumption?
(I guess 70Ah are completely drained after 70 / .26 = 260 hours = 11 days, so I guess to, that 0.26A permanent consumption is not OK)_a_
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