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I'm thinking about getting a ZHP in the next couple of weeks... My wife's car has a monsoon system...VW Beetle and I love the way it sounds.....loud,,,clear and good base... I know S#$%t about audio... but the base sound is punchy and I've heard its because the 6x9's are in the doors,,, side mounted....

Then,,, I went to Bestbuy and listened to a 10 inch sub in a box from Rockford Fosgate... Different sound completely... deep weird sound to me... not a punchy base sound I can't describe... kind of that overpowering boom that you hear 3 blocks away from a little nissan pickup with flames on the side..

What kind of base upgrade can I do in a ZHP coupe that will sound good without being that deep droning sound... just punchy is all I can describe it as...

If anyone's heard the Monsoon... something like that????

Any thoughts appreciated... greatly :confused:
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