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Basic Questions only fanatics would know the answers to....

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Hi, I posted previously about spoilers, and I've narrowed it down to 2 spoilers.
1)Hamman BMW DTM spoiler and the second, im not sure of the name...It's not an OEM spoiler, it sits a couple inches off the trunk....(Craig has it on his car) and looks really nice. In Everyone's opinion, which one do you guys think would look nice on an Alpine white coupe? :dunno:

Second, About these brakepad's....I've bought 18 inch chrome wheels for my car and as soon as the spring rolls around Im throwing them on. So I wanted to know....What's the best "dust free" brake pad out there that reduces brake dust dramatically, for a decent price ? Also,.....can wheelwax be used with Chrome wheels?!?:dunno:

Well that's it for now, I'll appreciate any comments
Take care guys
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How about some pics of the two spoilers you're considering, then we can give you our opinion of which looks better...:dunno:
Ya i like the spoiler that craig has on his car too. I also have a Alpine white coupe and need somin for the a$$ or my car. I dont really think the Hamann DTM spoiler looks good on white:dunno:
If you do not have the Full Hamann kit, I wouldnt recommend the Hamann DTM wing.

And Axxis dustless are great brake pads with equal performance.
Here's some pics....

Here's a pic of the DTM spoiler im talking about....


I'm in to suble mods. That mod looks a little too "out there". Don't get me wrong, I think it will look great, but I'm into the subtle styling mods, like the M3 lip spoiler.
it looks e36ish
The DTM spoiler looks too gotti for me...I personally don't like spoilers on E46s, especially coupes. How about the M3 lip spoiler?
be original and get the ACS 1 piece rear spoiler, its like the M3 one but a little larger. John From Jersey has it on his M3. you can find pics at www.bavauto.com. just look up aerodynamics for a 3 series...
i willanswer the 2 question

go with axxis dustless brake pads. they are 95 % dustless
really makes a difference believe me.
bobm3 ;) ;)
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