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Only would take wire transfer and accused me of lying. Wire transfers are 100% secure for sellers and 0% for buyers.

I'm not wire transfering a stranger $5300 for one, and for two, I wanted to put it on a card which would've cost me and extra $150 and time to paypal someone money, pay the 3%, get written a check, wait a few days for deposit. It was just ridiculous that I need to do all of this to pay him via wire transfer.

I was under the impression, initially, my bank didn't wire transfer externally because I had needed to send a family member money. I called, they said no and wouldn't let me. I ended up having to use Western Union. According to him I made this up.

So I need to scramble around to fogure how to pay and then accuse me of lying when I had experience with the thing I "made up". I would not recommend. I called up the other place I found an engine at, filled out the form for card payment, and within a couple days they pulled, tested, and shipped the engine. All I needed was a pen, printer and scanner.

I work 8 hours a day and go to school 6 hours, 5 days a week, while having to do Reserves, on top of the hours of online training. I don't have time for bs like this.

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