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Finished another round of mods & maintenance for the E46.. I think I run out of ideas/mods to do...

Decided to install the Mann-Provent 200 Oil separator to cleanup oil vapors passing the M56 cover.
Custom bracket and install position ideal next to washer tank.
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Repurposed an old ATF reservoir as the most OEM-look catch for the provent drain system. I didn't feel like routing hoses around engine to drain back to dipstick tube or even want to drain water back into the engine
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Visited the jewelry shop (dealership) and got myself 2x new rear bumper support bolts (€18 each). Old ones after 20 years were half the size from rust and didn't want to risk having them snap.
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Took out the supercharger kit to replace starter and rebuild the heat exchanger cores inside.
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Tested on bench that coolant circulates without leaks.
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Laser cut new manifold gaskets using N-8092 material
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Also had the manifold machined flat at my local machinist for max sealing. All parts sealed with Loctite ultra performance grey rtv.

I went for the smallest supercharger pulley possible, 58mm for max boost. 16psi from 3500rpm. not bad. New tune of course.
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With the new tune, we also deleted the ICV. Thanks again to @sda2 for the tuning work!
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New 2kw starter from the diesel.Starts the engine in split second.
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Startup after ICV delete and new starter:

New spark plugs
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New front/rear sway bar rebuild kit from Summit
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Rebuilt endlinks:
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Checking in on this…

How is the Provent 200 holding up? I have a (genuine MANN-HUMMEL) Provent 200 on order.

Did you modify the internal spring or pressure regulator or running it out of box?
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