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Autosharp pen

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Has anyone tried the auto sharp Pen for scratches? does it work on dark colored cars? Is it worth it?:dunno:


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from those that have it, i hear it works great...

post more pics of your car. :thumbup:
Somebody on this board tried it, and posted pics a while back try doing a search.

From what I remember it looked really good!!!

I have it, and mostly use it for rock chips on the front bumper...and it works great, much easier to apply than the brush type touch up paint from the dealer.
where can i get it??...i've only heard ppl on the board talk about em, i'd like to try it myself.
I bought it, used it on a few chips and it dried a little darker than the car's color :banghead: wtf! anyone else have this prob? Now, not only do i have a chip, but a small "circle" around it which is slightly darker and looks ghetto up close? did i do something wrong?
OMG... does ANYONE friggin :search:?!?

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