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Attempting to install style 5s

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I got a set of one piece style 5 rims for a pretty good deal and they are in great condition but I'm struggling to figure out if I'm going to get them to fit at all. The rims are 16 x 7.5. I'm not 100% sure of the offset, but from what I could find online they are +20. The tires they came with are from a 7 series, so they look like monster truck tires compared to the stock ones I have on right now. That won't work as is for sure. I was wondering if this was done before, because I can't seem to find tires that would even give it a chance of fitting. I have stock suspension. I may lower the car in the future.
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Should be stamped ET20 on the inside. That brings the wheel outwards relative to the normal e46 setup by about 21mm-27mm (about 5/8 inch to 1 inch). You should be able to get 16 inch tires at 205 width, I can't remember if 225 is also available within spec. I currently run 205 55s on my 16 steelies, I don't see why you couldn't, but it's not a popular size to be sure. Yes, it's a popular wheel choice for 3 series enthusiasts, but often at 17 inch. Many rock BBS style 5 17s et20, saw that a lot on e36, and some e34 5 series owners went with et10. $$$
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I have them on my car 16x8 fit perfectly 215 55
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