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ATE Premium One vs ATE Coated

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Hey Folks,

I have a 2001 325Xi Wagon. Needs new front brakes and rotors. I've been using ATE Power Discs for years and would like to get them again. I understand they changed the name to "ATE Premium One." When I search for rotors for this car anywhere that sells ATE, all I see is "ATE Coated."

Does anyone know if those are or are not the slotted ATE rotor?

Thanks in advance!

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Ate coated rotors are standard (not cross-drilled or slotted) rotors. They just come coated like the Genuine BMW rotors come. Also, I've heard that the Ate Premium One rotors are made in China, not in Europe like their regular rotors.
Drilled/slotted/whatever rotors are not as good with regard to stopping function as solid rotors. I heard those ATE Premium Ones were made in China as well. But if you've been using them and like them more power to you. It's just that you should be aware they don't stop any better. In fact they probably don't stop as well but the difference is minor. You have to understand braking ability depends on surface area among other things and you are reducing surface area when you drill or slot the rotors. I'd be worried about the quality of the steel in Chinese rotors too. Don't want anything that would warp easier obviously.

I prefer the Zimmerman coated solids, I like how they don't get all rusty and gross after the first rain. To me that's more of an appearance mod than fancy slotted rotors. And fancy slotted rotors are all about appearance, not performance. With the coated solids I get a rotor made in Germany that stops the car as well as it can be stopped and won't get all ugly from corrosion. I'm tri-winning here baby.
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