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Wanted to post up a recent detail. One of my favorite cars out there! Simply Stunning imo.

Some products used included:
Prewash and Wash:
Super Slick & Suds - 32oz
P21s Total Auto Wash - citrus based, biodegradable cleaner
Grit Guard
HydroFoamer Foam Gun

P21s Wheel Cleaner 1000ml
EZ Detail Brush
All Purpose Cleaner APC
Bold & Bright Tire Dressing

Wheel Wells:
Bare Bones Undercarriage Spray

Extra Light Cut Clay. Cleans and removes surface contaminants.
LUBER- Synthetic Super Lube is the slickest Clay & CLAY BLOCK lubricant

Meguiar's Ultra-Cut Compound 105
3M 6068 Perfect-It 3000 Ultrafina SE
purple foamed wool polishing and cutting pad for rotary use
Lake Country MFG Orange light cut CCS Foam Pad
6.5" Black Foam Flat Finishing Pad

clearkote carnauba moose wax

Before pic.

I now believe that AM puts the most god awful brake pads on cars! I never thought something would top bmw til I saw these.

All foamed up and ready to go

Yea, it had some swirlage going on:

It was worse than this pic leads:

After a pass of M105 on a purple foamed wool @ ~1600rpm

Lets pull it in the sun and check it out :banana:

ahh, much better now :)

Brake dust is a thing of the past after some p21s wheel cleaner... bold n bright on the tires:


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:drool::thumbsup::wowee: excellent job, that car is extremely clean.
THanks :)

lol so that's where Chris got his car detailed, great job!
Yep! Thanks :) So when are we scheduling yours ;)

i love that car too dude....was this in our "hometown?"
close.. done at a remote location! When are you getting yours? With everything a little less expensive out there, I figure I ought to see you rockin something in the exotic range soon :impulss:

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british cars do not impress me.

heh j/k nice job - beautiful car. Off topic i saw a vanquish on the streets of philly on the 4th of July (Market St + Penn's Landing). Gorgeous and unmistakable sound.
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