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Are these M3 mirrors any good?

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dang, for around $80.00...not too bad.....anybody know anything about these?
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look nice to me
if you get them, let us know how they fit and work.
:thumbdwn: You can get those at pepboys for $50:thumbdwn:
A friend o' mine got them in Austria...(but not with led)

payed 10€ !!!!! (truly) without mirror...and without motors (but he retrofitted his on the new one)

I'll ask him the URL...the post..
don't get those...with those blinking leds...how many blinkers are you gonna have on the side of your car! I think they're jig.
I think these are available for like 50-60 bucks from erebuni. I haven't checked the prices tho. But it's not worth it.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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