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I just bought a 2002 M3 Convertible, built 07/2002, that had a front end collicion that was reported to Carfax. You would think it was repaired if reported, no, not so fast. Seems as though collision was a side wipe of bumper cover and ripped bumper cover off vehicle. All Apron electrical connections, (2 Fog Lights, 2 Horns, 2 Washer Fluid Pumps & Washer Fluid Level) to include the Ambient Air Temperature Sensor, are missing.

Due to the abscence of these connectors I searched the engine compartment. I found a bundle of 9 wires, 8 plus the 1 Brown Ground wire, in the engine compartment wrapped in electrical tape.

Through a little research I found that a Wiring Harness was available for the Apron. I purchased this wiring harness and installed it no problem. The end of this wiring harness has a 7 Pole "Male" circular fitting. I thought this would plug into the Main Box near windshield. Wrong. Through a call to the parts department found that I had to orde rthe "Female" ELA Connector. I have ordered the "Female" fitting, not received yet.

Therefore, in anticipation of receiving the "Female" fitting I would like to identify the 9 wires. My guess is that 2 of the 9 are for the Ambient Air Temperature Sensor. Can anyone identify, from the Main Wiring harness the color of the wires for the Ambient Air Sensor?

As for the other 7 wires, can anyone, from the Main Wiring Harness, identify when they are to be installed within the 7 Pole (ELA?) fitting?
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