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I have a deadbeat bidder on this phone of mine. No response to e-mail, etc. I am looking to trade the phone for some E46 parts maybe?...something of equal value. Here is the ebay listing to see all that I have, PM me or drop me an e-mail if you have any interest.
Ebay site is doing maintenance right now, so this is the description:
It is a Nokia 9290 PDA phone, used for about a month. It has the 16mb card it came with plus an additional 64mb card. Leather carrying case, hands free mic, wall charger, network adapter, manual, original box, and it is still under warranty. I just have no use for the phone, but it is in excellent condition, and unlocked. You can use it in Any GSM network, I bought it from CompUSA and still have the original receipt, and it has the service plan (2 year) so if anything goes wrong with it you can get it replaced. Let me know, thanks.
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