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hi guys,

anyone that knows which camera recorder is good at the market right now. i have thought about geting a recorder because my brother is getting marry soon, but i have no clue which one is good to get. maybe you guys could give me some advice?

here is few standard expectation i want :

1) input output for TV, computer, etc.
2)battery durability let say 6-8 hour (if possible?)
3)able to take pic with the recorder.
4)LCD panel.

other function necessary , resolution, NTSC/pal, optical, zoomable, etc........

i'm not sure if i'm expection a TO MUCH function??
i'm lack of info on this area maybe anyone that could give me some help. brand doesn't matter, panasonic, sony, pionner, etc...
but not to poorly quality .

price range let say around $1600 or less would be ok .

thanks guys !

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I got the Sony Mini DV Trv 30 which is now cheaper since its last year model. It does it all for you. Check that out on the internet. Here is the still pic I took with it.


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Get anything with DV.I advise tho that picture are not the best taken with digital camcorder. Its nice you can edit edit and zoom even after u record. sonys always a goob bet. I have JVC and a sony. not to sound like a moderator or anything, no disrespect:D plz post this kinda stuff in off-topic :yikes:
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