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anyone running custom kick panels in their car??

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please specify sedan or coupe and what kinds of speakers youre running
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Buddah323i said:
MCD007 - Not true.. Some of the best/highest sound stages I've heard are from kick panels, it's one of the best locations by far. You can't just throw some speakers in the kicks to get them to sound good you have to do a lot of testing to get them right. The first serious set I built for for my old car took me at least two weeks of testing to get them angled just perfect. There are also alot of tricks you can apply to get the stage high, wide and centered.

I dont like how the tweeters are positioned so low in the car. I would never listen to my home stereo with the tweeters or drivers at my ankles. I prefer to mimic a more home audio sound by making dash or pillar enclosures.
low said:

i think this is where imaging comes to play. you can image your speakers and tweets to shoot out sound to seem like the actual position of the tweeter is right in front of your face. its like how two way home theatre does it kinda. where youve got only a left and right but yet sometimes you hear sound directly in the middle but theres no speaker there..

Theres a guy in the new mobile entertainment magazine that feels exactly the same way as me. Its the SQ vw bug in the latest edition. He also made dash pods to make the car more "home audio" sounding.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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