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anyone running custom kick panels in their car??

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please specify sedan or coupe and what kinds of speakers youre running
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hahahah!! its still cooking, things are heating up, but still messing around with the recipe..;)
Craig said:
Soon my brutha soon.... Focal Utopia 165W3's!!! :thumbup:
oh shizzz!!:lmao: :pimpin:
MCD007 said:

I dont like how the tweeters are positioned so low in the car. I would never listen to my home stereo with the tweeters or drivers at my ankles. I prefer to mimic a more home audio sound by making dash or pillar enclosures.
i think this is where imaging comes to play. you can image your speakers and tweets to shoot out sound to seem like the actual position of the tweeter is right in front of your face. its like how two way home theatre does it kinda. where youve got only a left and right but yet sometimes you hear sound directly in the middle but theres no speaker there..
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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