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Anyone know where I can get a new or used 330 mass air sensor cheap

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No don't post crap like call a BMW parts department. If you know for sure where I can get one, PM me. Price?
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Nada. Just doing some more experimenting


what did u do to ur car?
Re: You may want to see my 99 DIED

Dunno what's up with your MAF but basically you car can run without a airflow sensor. So give me some details.... What OBDII codes did you get. What did the service department say? A mass air sensor won't take a car out. It may cause it to stuble in cold weather or extreme hot temps. But basically if you unplug it, your car will still run since your in closed loop most of the time not open loop.

klangford said:
In the words of Elmer Fudd

Be VEWY VEWY CAHFUL! Me and my air flow sensor just went at it and it knocked my car out like Tyson in the first round!

See the thread: My 99 Died w/50K for more on what that little sensor can do or NOT do if you muck with it.
Actually it is a general trouble shooting technique to unplug the MAF

It's even in BMW's own manuals to do this. Basically they say if your car is stumbling, if unpluging the MAF makes the prob go away, to replace the MAF but try cleaning it first. They use a special spray chemical cleaner. But this is only one thing about the MAF, there are others which I don't care to spend time explaining.
WELL that's a whole other thing man.

Did you bang a hammer on it or something? How the hell did the sensor come apart? Loose tubing?

klangford said:
It was still plugged in, only it all came 'apart' and the sensor was lying in the engine bay w/no airflow going across it. Car stalled if started. Once it was all put back together (with intake) it worked fine.
Yeah if it is still connected and your driving this will cause probs

The car will think it's stationary or has a blocked air intake according to airflow and could cut the car off if the air sensor wire voltage doesn't change.

What do you mean it was rubbing? Rubbing what? rattling? A mass air sensor doesn't rattle, it has no moving parts and connects to rubber components so what could be rubbing and rattling? I'm confused :dunno:

klangford said:
Yeah, loose Clamp ring. 5 days earlier I 're-seated' it because it was rattling/rubbing. Then I also 'polished' it, it is the law! Must've missed a screw!
ok back to the original post


I sent out a junk yard request but no luck yet. Oh BTW looking for mass air sensor from a 330, 530, X5 3.0 or Z3 3.0 or Z4 3.0.

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