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Anyone know the optimum offsets for an E46 M3?

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What is the most aggressive you can run in 19" sizing without rubbing or or fender rolling?

Assume a normal 1.4"/0.75" drop on the car.

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I've been researching this too.
My guess is that the best offset is around the stock offsets of
et26 and et27. The back wheel seems to be the problematic one.

Some other numbers:
SSR Gt3 19x10, et24, Good
BBS LM 19x10, et25, Good
BBS CH 19x10, et20, rubs outside fender on lowered cars
BBS RG-R 19x10, et20, rolling advised
custom HREs 19x10, et27, Good

So it looks like a range of 6 to 7 millimeters will be the difference
in colliding or not, only about 1/4 inch. Larger offsets can be
adjusted with a spacer.

A smart guy like you probably figured all this out already.
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well been doing some hw and asking some reliable sources/gurus and here's what I got....

On 19x8.5" front M3 wheel fitments - Offset range of 37-40 mm

On 19x10" rear M3 fitments - Offset range of 26-29 mm

But according to your listing, I guess 24-25 also works fine since I had the SSR GT3's on my M3 and no rubbing issues.

I found a set of rims with really aggressive 22 out back and 41 up front. The fronts are ok since I don't plan on using BBK's anytime soon but the rears with 22 mm is a bit tight. Whatcha think?

hope this info helps
do you guys know what kind of offset do dinan run on their wheels.
I want to have simmilar set up 275 in the front 285 at the back
with BBK friendly
but in 20"

22 mm sounds like it's getting into that grey zone.
You can probably go to the back of your car (if you still have
those GT3s on) and see for yourself if you have any room
to play with. For good measure, you can get a bunch of dudes
to sit in the back and see how it looks. Then you can make
the call to see if you like those rims enough to "make" them fit.
Heck, I stuck my head in my stock 18 wheel well and I thought
it was tight.
I'm no car guru though, just a guy that knows that millimeters
are quite small.


Maybe Rick can refer you to some of his gurus. I wouldn't
touch 20" wheels with a 20' pole. It would seem like riding
on metal with black paint to me.

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