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Anyone interested in AT&T Uverse TV/Internet

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I'm a Uverse manager for the California Bay Area. My boss just gave me 20 $250 visa gift cars to get my friends and family to sign up over the holiday season. I'm not going to push this on anyone on I-club but $250 is a great was to help with the holiday season out and you get a great TV/Internet service also. If you don't want the visa gift card I work something else out.....

please call me at 650-504-4960 or PM me if you have any questons, and the Uverse TV/Internet service is not in every city. If you want me to check if it is at your house just call me.

TV/Internet can start as low as $74 a month and go with NO contract

If you don't like the service you can cancel within 30 days and pay nothing!



PS. If any of you want to contact me directly here's my informations:

[email protected]
Work schedule: off on Tuesdays/Thursdays
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Can you give us some details on the plan? How does the internet compare to Comcast? I am paying $119 with Comcast triple play with HBO and all the HD channels. I am willing to switch, but need more info. Thanks
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