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Ceiling missing!
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Long story short, my wheel guy is getting hard to get ahold of and things are getting complicated between us.

This is a once in a life time chance for you to get BRAND NEW BIGGER lips, for SMALLER lips. I don't want to do it but I need to drive my car. It's been raining in socal.

I have 18x5 barrels, meaning it will give you a 4.5" lip for anyone who is NOT sandwich mounted. If you are not sandwich mounted M3's will clear this just fine. I test fitted these lips on a M3 today and they fit beautifully. Many of you guys aren't sandwich mounted anyways so you shouldn't have anything to worry about. Sandwich mounted means when your face is mounted in between your inner & outer barrel. (Many of you guys shouldn't be unless you got baller custom wheels"

I will trade for only 18x4 barrels with 36 holes. If you have less holes that's fine, I can still make them work.

Not sure if you have 18x4? If your face is mounted on the outside, and you measure the outside to be 3.5 then it is probably a 18x4" barrel.

Any questions, just pm me. I am reputable sponsor on this forum and have good feedback with all my customers. If I was a M, I would keep these. Besides, who the hell wouldn't want a bigger lip for the price of nothing.

I don't want cash on top although I would like it, I will do the labor for free. I only want your good condition lips. If your lips are messed up and need to be refinished then just pay me for that.

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