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Anyone have more info on the GTG Exhaust

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Any dealer in the US? How much? Thanks.
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How much and I wonder if they could custom cut my m-tech insert if I got the exhaust from them.
you can use a dremel tool to cut the mtech to fit, id go through a good shop though..make a copy of the cut on the left
What rear bumper is that?
TheDream21479 said:
yea..that looks better than the stock m3 exhaust...but doesn't one become a poseur when adding a quad exhaust?
Certainly not. If someone likes the look of a quad exhaust then by all means go ahead and get it installed. Doesn't mean they're trying to pose like an M3. Going by your same logic, someone who likes the look of the M3 front bumper and decides to go with the M-Technik bumper would be a poser too, which is absolutely ridiculous. People choose to modify their BMWs as they see fit. Why insult everyone by accusing them of posing when all they want to do is make their car look how they want it to look?
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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