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Anyone have experience with ENA Ignition Coils?

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Amazon has 6 coils for $70. Lifetime warranty.
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Amazon has 6 coils for $70. Lifetime warranty.
$70 for the set? I'd be scared. Even URO sells the old-style ignition coils for 32 bucks a piece.
I bought it last month and everything worked out well. My car stopped shaking and it feels so much faster. It looks exactly the same as my original ones except the top part is smaller. They even added a grease packet on my order.
I'd buy used OEM coils before new aftermarket coils.
I acquired a set of no-name ignition coils from Amazon for the 325i. They were well reviewed and work fine for the time being, but I can't speak to their longevity just yet. That said, the only reason I'm using them is because they were free.

If I was purchasing new coils, Bosch or Bremi would be the route I'd take.
Amazon has 6 coils for $70. Lifetime warranty.
well their website is only about 3/4 of page for everything.
if i were to guess i would say they are made in china parts and quality is enough to get by. when they replace the parts under wanrranty when they go out it's still like a couple of dollars to them.

i'm would not be content hearing the parts look and fit ok. that's not what makes these fail. this part when it gets hot is when it goes bad and puts you into limp mode. and cheap quality electronic parts will go bad before high quality ones under stress. i'd keep one-two of the good old ones in the trunk for when one of these goes out to get me back moving.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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