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It's VERY easy..and I am likely the LEAST technical person on this board..

1. You do NOT have to remove the shift handle. Gently pull up on the shift boot so you can see the 2 screws that hold the FRONT of the console in place.
2. Remove the rear ashtray and below are 2 phillips screws. Unscrew them.
3. SQUEEZE the e-brake boot and release it from the console
4. Slide the console back a bit and tilt the back up. be careful of the rear ashtray light that is clipped in the back
5. Unbolt the two e-brake mounting brackets
6. Remove the warning light by pressing on the center button and it will release. remove the central locking control
7. Slide console up and out..
8. there is a clip with a light for the e-brake. push the clip down and the wire slips out.
9. install is basically the reverse, HOWEVER you will need a LONGER rear ebrake bolt to mount the rear of the console.
Getting the ebrake boot lined up was the only challenge..

Total time was under an hour including a trip to home depot for the longer bolt.

That's about it.. The Circle BMW guide is pretty good, but not perfect..

Nonetheless, you can feel confident that it's a fairly easy mod.

Let me know if you have any questions...and good luck.

BTW, my non-armrest console is still for sale..check out the For Sale section..

ED in NJ
1 - 5 of 5 Posts