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Considering this for my 2005 M3 coupe. Any reviews on the RAF function? Pro's/con's of running the S600s in front and a set of M3 coax in the rear vs. running two complete sets of S600s's?

The rest of the system (assuming RAF) would be an Optima Yellow-Top, AlumaPro Cap5, Zapco 750.2 ([email protected]) for the main cabin, Diamond Audio M6 Mark II 12d2 sub in a 1.25 cu.ft.3 sealed enclosure over the battery box powered by another Zapco 750.2 (([email protected]). Head unit will be stock, but converted to SymbiLink signal behind the dash.

I'm on my fallback plan- found out that the Zapco's and Utopia's won't work together; the Focal crossovers will indicate a signal drop below 2 ohms and force the Zapco amps into protection mode.

Anyhow, thanks for any help. R.
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