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this is my first post, so first things first... HELLO WORLD !!!, next wt* is wrong with my baby :bawling: i have a E46 2000 323i 5spd 160xxx miles that won't start right.

1. i have changed the battery twice now with recommended replacements with no change in symptom (Volts drop to 10.5 -9.9 when i try to turn over)

2. sometime when i turn the key the engine will "cough" or false start like the engine wants to crank but doesn't

3. usually after a few times of pressing the clutch, gas, or taking the key out a reinserting the car starts as if it were new !!

since I bought the vehicle I have also changed the spark plugs, fuel pump, MAF, and VANOS seal kit. the car only has problems starting and the temperature doesn't seem to matter. once its running i have no idling issues or surging or anything that would indicate a fuel/air delivery problem.

any ideas. or suggestions of what to check next would be appreciated thanks in advance :bow:
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