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angel eyes....

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can i get angel eyes for my 330xi in vancouver area??
anyone know about that???
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You could order them from Umnitza and they'd mail them to you :thumbup:
so....how much do i need to pay for it and shipping???
can i also have the website of umnitza??
Here's the direct link to the DDE's:

Looks like there is free shipping right now though I'd assume that's for in the US. Shoot him and email and I'm sure he could tell you how much to ship to Canada.(I'm not it wouldn't be too much).

his email : [email protected]
thanks Keeferno...
by the way...did you drop your car???
Nope, not yet. Since I need the clearance in the winter I'm waiting till I have enough for coilovers so I can crank it back up in the winter.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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