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Why not make it a DIY project. If you have the angel gen IV or something... it should clip right onto the top. It's pretty simple... even for me and I don't know jack **** about cars. I use to have Gen 1... and it was 100% pure UUC crap. Gen 1 didn't have the clip and I ended up having to dremel some grooves into my headlight unit :thumbdwn: and on top of that it didn't show up during the day. :ben: So I took it out.

1. You just have to take off the 1" by 16ish" strip under the headlight unit... use a flat head to pry it off... carefully.

2. Once that is off... take off the 4 bolts holding the headlight in place. 2 at the top... easily accessible... 2 at the bottom... you'll have access to it once the strip you previously took off is out.

3. Unplug all the harnesses to your lights and carefully pull the unit out.

4 Un do the clips holding the clear plastic cover off, now you have access to the unit to install the rings.

5. (I don't have your gen angel eyes so I don't know how that goes)

6. Now give your angel eyes power. For daytime running lights, run power wires to the power box (for lack of better terminology). You'll have to splice a power wire in that box and hook up the power wire from your angel eyes. I have a 2000 323i and my power wire I used in that box was a thick green one.

For it to turn on when the headlights are on... thats simple, tap into your corner blinker power.

This is based on my experience with it... and may not be the official way... but it worked fine for me, I'd still have it on if they showed up during the day. But thats how I did it.

Good luck
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