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I've been juggling the decision for a long time now to either upgrade my low beams (to hid) or get a nice set of angel eyes.

That being said, I have always leaned toward upgrading my low beams first. I like the cleaner look of the projector lens vs the halogen bowl housing in junction with the ae's. This way, I won't have to drive around knowing I am not a fan of the look. I am not too concerned about how the high beams look with their eyes cause I doubt somebody would be able to tell if the ae's were on if that was the case.

However, then I became curious to see if there were any fanatics out there that have been able to individually control which set of angel eyes are illuminated depending on what lights are on. The idea would be:

when the headlights/parking lights are off, so would the ae's

when the parking lights are on, all 4 eyes would illuminate

when the low beams are on, only the eyes around the high beams would remain illuminated

when high/low beams are on, (no change from the above orientation)

I then thought about how ba it would look if I were to accomplish this with a set of 2500k hid high beams and halogen lows (bulbs to match temp of ae's).

Please let me know what yall think and if you've heard of somebody with the knowledge to give me a push in the right direction.

Thank you for reading.


EDIT** Sorry if this has been discussed before. I had no idea how to search for something like this...
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