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I recently detailed a 2003.5 Carbon Black (it's a really dark blue) M3. It was an interesting color to work with as it showed many defects, but cleaned up very well as well. Now this was my first time actually attempting to detail the exterior of a car using my PC 7424XP and Menzerna polishes, so the results may not be as good as some of the professional detailers out there, but I think they aren't that bad either, you can judge that yourself. I should be getting better finished pictures soon, most of my pics may not be that great as I took them in a hurry. I don't have pictures of all the panels as well, but they were all equally swirled
The owner of the car had the car washed before I came over to start the detailing process.

Heres what steps I did:

Mothers clay bar using diluted ONR as lube
Dry off the car using Waffle Weave Microfibers
Menzerna IP using Lake Country Yellow pad on a 6" backing plate (I tried a less aggressive approach but it just wasn't getting the defects out)
Nattys blue paste wax (applied by hand)
Now most of you may wonder if the IP with yellow pad left buffer trails, marks, etc. From what I noticed, it finished down extremely well, and the pictures show that.

Here are the before pictures:

Passenger side of rear bumper

Driver side rear bumper

Passenger Fender (driver fender was nearly identical with swirl amounts)

Same fender, but I polished the top part, this pic shows the swirled bottom

Passenger door

Hood (Plenty of rock chips)

Roof (sorry for the bad pictures)

[IMG http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2700/4431125538_37f31d0d0f_b.jpg[/IMG]

Side skirt


50/50 shots

Finished shots (ill have better ones soon, the ones below have no wax applied to the panels yet)

Top part is finished, Bumper is not:

Top part is quarter panel which is finished, bumper is not

I will be getting actual final shots soon, stay tuned!

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Awesome!! The car looks great. My car is black and a DD so I have tons of chips like this guy, this definitely gives me an idea of how mine will look detailed properly with rock chips...
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