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alarm kit and spare fuse?

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i just installed my oem alarm, but the kit came with a fuse that i did not use. nowhere in the installation instructions shows a use for it. is this a 'just in case you blow a fuse' fuse?? im on my way to the dealer to get it activated...replies appreciated, thanks...: popcorn:
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i just ordered the alarm for mine the other day. is it really that easy to install? i set an appointment up at my dealer to get it installed...they quoted me $250 because it takes 2.5 hrs to do it...and that was the cheapest out of all the dealers i called in houston.

they said it takes 1.5 hours for the install and 1 hour for the programming...is this true?

i know on some website it said you can do the install in less than an hour even if ur not too handy-like. how long did it take u guys?

where can i get the shock sensor mod? if i do decide to install it myself, what should i look to pay at the dealer just to get the programming done?
thanks chris...cancelling appointment at BMW as we speak.

i'm gonna see if my salesperson can hook me up with the programming then...he had asked me to come by so he could program my lights to flash when i arm/disarm so i'll ask if he can do that too.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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