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Hello to all,
I have thought of a complex and cheap exhaust system for my BMW E46 320D.
So badically my idea is to install a SECOND EXHAUST SYSTEM on my car without removing the original one.
I need the original exhaust system so that the car runs smooth and without noise on a daily basis.
My plan is to make a cut in the original exhaust, install an Air intake flap (that air intake thing that opens and closes with a leaver) which will be remotely controlled from inside the car (electronic or with a line)) and attach an ACRAPOVIC bike exhaust in the rear end. I think a bike exhaust would be perfect due to the engine size and because its a Diesel.
This is mainly because i dont want the car to be shouty all the time, but only when i want it to be, by opening the second exhaust, and becuase this way the car will pass the CO2 emissions test with its original exhaust, and roar with the other exhaust.
Am I on to something dooable here?
Has anyone tried it so far?

Thank you all in advance
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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