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Several questions here, one of which may sound kind of stupid, but I am not an electrical expert so here we go.

I have a 2005 330i that I bought used several months ago. Long story short, the car needed some love and attention. It is getting much better (with a lot of help of people on this forum). One of the last lingering issues is that the airbag light and seat belt lights are constantly on.

When at the dealership for the Takata airbag recall, the dealership tried to read the code using their system. The note they left was 'Unable to Communicate with the airbag module'.
I have a Launch CRP129 that supposedly can read all of the dealer codes (such as airbags) and I get the same message, unable to communicate with the module.
We did a visual inspection of the wiring around the module, and everything there looked fine.
I found a fuse diagram on a bimmer forum similar to this one (the one from my car was missing) and it said Fuse 11 was for 'Airbag'.
I went to check for fuse 11 in my car, and lo and behold the slot is empty.
My questions are thus:
1) Does fuse 11 truly go to the airbag module/system?
2) Is it 5 amp like the diagram specifies?
3) Assuming there was a reason the fuse was taken out and never replaced (fault in the system etc), what is the probability of putting a new fuse in and the airbags going off, thus totaling my car?
4) Is there a way to test the fuse plug with a meter (test for continuity, or whatever it can tell me)?

Again, the third question can seem stupid but it is a legitimate concern for me as I have no idea why there is no fuse. The idiot who had the car before me could have simply forgot to put one back in, or there could be legitimate issues.

Thank you!!
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