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I recently installed Lumiko aftermarket xenon bulbs in place of my halogen bulbs.

Now it seems that they are aimed a bit lower.

The part that the bulb fits into (the carrier) has a zero (0) and a one (1) on the side of them. There is then a ring which moves on the carrier. The ring "clicks" between the 1 and the 0.

Does anyone know if this is used for aiming? I had a hell'va time getting the carrier back into the headlight housing once I had put the new bulb in place. I had to place the ring in the 0 position into the housing, and then rotate the carrier until it seems to lock.

I'm not sure what the 0 and the 1 are for, and, are these used for aiming?

When I turn the headlights off and just turn the brights on, they are definately aimed higher, but I heard this is normal.

I'm just wondering if I altered the headlight aim when I installed the aftermarket bulbs.

Thanks all...Happy New Year. :pimpin:
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